• Learn to Spend Wisely

    Set up a simple system to track where your money goes

    You can track all of your transactions and monitor your accounts easily by setting up an account on mint.com.  You can get e-mail notifications when you have bills coming and when accounts are low in funds, your account can be linked to:

    • Student loans
    • Investments
    • Checking accounts
    • Savings accounts
    • Credit card accounts

    Make a spending plan for all of your expenses (rent, food, transportation, fun, etc) and set up alerts when you reach your limit.  Also, check your plan before making major purchases

    Your spending reflects your values

    With each transaction, transfer, or investment ask yourself, “Does this align with my values?”
    Prioritize spending in terms of need now, want now, or save for later.
    What else do you value that you will need to save for?
    Grad school, downtown apartment, new car, wedding, travel, etc.
    Living within your means isn’t always easy. Everyone should think seriously about whether they can afford their lifestyle.
    If you don’t have enough money to pay for something, you will have to borrow.  Borrowing can create large additional costs for the same purchase due to interest.

    Prepare for life after college

    Familiarize yourself with the new expenses you will be faced with upon graduation
    By having clear expectations and a plan, the transition can be much smoother.