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Andrew Wykes

Professor - Art

Andrew Wykes was born in the UK just outside of London. He studied at Richmond upon Thames College, and Epsom School of Art and Design where he received his undergraduate qualifications in fine art. His graduate studies were completed at American University, Washington, DC where he received his MFA in painting. He has taught art for thirty years in schools and colleges in the UK, Belgium, and the US. Andrew has shown his work nationally and internationally including London and in New York. He is a two time recipient of the Minnesota State Art Board Initiative Grant, in 2009 and 2013. He was awarded a fellowship at the Ballinglen Arts Foundation in Mayo, Ireland. Other awards include the Agnus Hilbraud Conger Prize, the Utrect Award, and numerous research awards from Hamline University. He is currently an Associate Professor at Hamline University in St Paul. Andrew Lives in Northfield, Minnesota with his wife and two daughters.

In Professor Wykes' classroom, students learn that painting is synonymous with seeing. They strive to not only create art, but gain a better understanding of the visual environment that they live in. Painting is a language rooted in art history, and understanding the art historical context is vital to understanding art, and creating art today. In class, students work on using color, shape, and the relationship between figure and ground in their paintings, and also look at works from other artists. By analyzing other works by artists for these same formal qualities, they can better understand them in their own work, and look at their environment in new ways.

"As a practicing artist, it is essential for me to bring my studio, my experience, and my joy of painting into the classroom, and pass that on to students. Painting is something alive and timeless, not formulaic and dead."

-Andrew Wykes

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