Josh Gumiela

Josh Gumiela

Associate Professor - Digital Media Arts
Work space: St. Paul Main Campus > Drew Residence Hall > DRH 197

Josh Gumiela is an electronic media artist combining low and high technology to create interactive media installations, hybrid instruments & tools, and multi-media performances. He’s interested in themes of post-memory, diaspora, and displacement as well as matters of time and timelessness, privacy, maker culture, and the repurposing of archaic & discarded technology. He has extensive experience teaching digital media courses, ranging from audio post-production to physical computing to web design.

Josh is also a sound designer with over 25 film score & sound design credits, many of which have won awards such as Jury Citation at the Black Maria Film Festival. His sound and radio art has been exhibited in national and international venues, such as the Future Places Festival in Porto, Portugal and the Santa Fe International Festival of Electroacoustic Music. He has also installed his work at festivals such as Slingshot in Athens, GA, and Circuit Benders' Ball in Nashville, TN.