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    Joseph Norio Uemura Scholarship

    The Joseph Norio Uemura Scholarship is made possible by a gift from Philip and Marilyn Krasowski, both of the class of 1970. It was established in 1998 and is the first endowed scholarship in the philosophy department. The donors established the scholarship in honor of Professor Emeritus Joseph Norio Uemura (1926-2016), who was Professor of Philosophy in the College of Liberal Arts from 1966 - 1994.

    While award amounts vary, they average $2500 per student.


    The purpose of the scholarship is to provide an annual scholarship award to a student in the College of Liberal Arts, based on his or her demonstrated "excellence in philosophy."

    This shall mean that the recipients:

    1. Have a sincere commitment to the liberal arts; and
    2. Have seriously and deeply "examined" their lives (Plato, Apology, 38a) and can show that "they care more for truth than health, wealth, honors, or power" (Apology, 29e).
    3. Preference shall be given to students who major or minor in philosophy, but need not exclude others who demonstrate a serious commitment to the liberal arts.

    The selection of the recipient will be based on a 1 - 3 page letter or essay from applicants addressing the above-mentioned criteria.

    Recent Recipients

    2010 – Christaugh Rochel and Dana Hoffman
    2011 – Wyatt Andersen
    2012 – Jordan Beaman, Gabby Landsverk, and J. D. Muchlinski
    2013 – Dennis Calkins
    2014 – Lucas Dolan
    2015 – Kaina Zygowicz
    2016 – Maggie Knorr and Samantha Hoefs
    2017 - Sydney Thorp and Levi Stewart
    2018 - Mike Hirak