• Piano Proficiency Test


    Scales: All majors and white key minors (all 3 forms), 2 octaves hands together.
    Arpeggios: All majors and all minors, 2 octaves HT.
    Triads and Inversions: All majors and all minors, 1 octave HS.
    Cadences (I IV I V7 I): All majors and all minors, RH chords, beginning with a root position tonic triad; LH chord roots.
    Transposition: At sight, single line melody in a 1 octave range from any key to any key.
    Harmonization: At sight, single line melody, using I IV V(V7) as blocked chords, with and without chord symbols written in the score.
    Improvisation: Given certain guidelines (i.e. open 5th LH drone, RH melody in D major) improvise simple melodies and accompaniments in a given meter.

    Sight Reading

    Completion of Level 6 of the MMTA (Minnesota Music Teachers' Association) Sight Playing Books - all activities contained therein: Rhythms, interval identification, chord identification, short pieces.

    Prepared Repertoire

    Either two solo pieces early intermediate level OR one solo piece and one vocal or instrumental accompaniment.