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    Summer Writing Workshop 2017 Registration

    Complete the easy web form below. Registrations are processed in the order they are received in the CWP program office, and then sent to the Registrar's Office. Contact CWP via email or call 651-523-2047 with questions about your registration. 


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    *Attention community members (non-Hamline students or alumni): While the workshop is open to community members who have completed a BA, students accepted into the course are expected to have experience in creative writing and a strong foundation in the elements of the craft. Please complete the following three additional requirements.

    1. Educational background:

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    2. List any workshops, creative writing courses, or any other creative writing groups you have been a part of or attended:


    3. Community members will be asked to turn in a writing sample to apply for registration in this writing course. The writing sample should be emailed to cwp@hamline.edu immediately after filing out this registration request form. you will not be registered without an approved writing sample. Submission guidelines: Poetry: 10 pages of poems; CNF and Fiction: 10-20 pages, double spaced. Students will be notified of registration status within 10 days. Hamline MFA, BFA, MALS, and MFAC alums are exempt from the application process.


    Workshop Selection (choose one):

    •  Creative Nonfiction with Margaret Lazarus Dean:  

    •  Fiction with Chris Abani:  

    •  Poetry with Jamaal May:  


    Please check that you have selected only one workshop option before you submit form. Please wait for form to fully submit before leaving or reloading page. Thank you!  


    Contact CWP at 651-523-2047 or send an email.