• Career & Postgraduate Opportunities

    Creative writing prepares students for numerous post-graduate careers. Hamline graduates in creative writing and English have gone on to a range of jobs (e.g., editing and copyediting, writing, marketing, public relations, research, production, sales, administrative) in publishing, public broadcasting, development, business and advertising, the arts, education, philanthropy, nonprofits, and more. 

    Students who graduate with a BFA in Creative Writing will be able to:

    • maximize their talents as creative writers; 
    • pursue graduate study in creative writing, literature, or any number of select fields (e.g., education, law, business); 
    • or seek employment in publishing, professional writing, and other related fields.  

    Those who wish to earn their licensure in communication arts and literature can do so through Hamline’s School of Education. Those who wish to gain an MFA in Creative Writing will have a portfolio of original work that will increase their chances of acceptance. Should students choose to enter Hamline’s MFA program, eight credits will be counted toward their degree.  Additionally, our dedicated Career Development Center staff are available to help all current students and alumni in their job search.

    Communication in the modern world depends on the written word, and the person who possesses the knowledge, skill, and ability to write well and with imagination will always be in demand, whether it be to produce technical manuals, television or movie scripts, radio commentary, newspaper articles, text for digital media (e.g., Web pages, headlines and hyperlinks, short films and micro-series, etc.), speech and grant writing, or writing for business or government.