Women in Public Service Annual Awards

As part of the launch of the Women in Public Service (WIPS) Conference in 2012, Hamline committed to bringing together women from across the public sector to share their experiences and insights and support and develop one another’s strengths as they lead and realize their full potential in public service. As part of this commitment, Hamline also recognizes both those who have blazed the trail in public service and those who are up-and-coming leaders with its annual awards.

WIPS Lifetime Achievement Awards

This annual award is designed to recognize women who have made a lifetime commitment to serving the public good.

Past award recipients include:

  • Jettie Ann Hill, 2019 award recipient
  • Julie Jones, 2019 award recipient
  • Elizabeth Kautz, 2018 award recipient
  • Debbie Montgomery, 2018 award recipient
  • Carol Hubbard, 2017 award recipient
  • Pamela J. Parker, 2016 award recipient
  • Kit Hadley, 2015 award recipient
  • Sharon Sayles Belton, 2014 award recipient
  • Desyl Peterson, 2013 award recipient
  • Ruby Hunt, 2012 award recipient

WIPS Rising Star Awards

Focusing on up-and-coming leaders, the Rising Star Award is designed to recognize women in public service with 10 or fewer years of service who are already making their mark in working toward the public good. Winners of the award are eligible for a $2,400 scholarship to pursue an advanced degree from the Hamline School of Business.

Past recipients include:

  • Chelsey Tulgren, 2019 award recipient
  • Nitika Moibi, 2017 award recipient
  • Seema Desai, 2017 award recipient
  • Kari Egerstrom Collins, 2016 award recipient
  • Kayla B. Fruetel, 2016 award recipient
  • Danielle Werder, 2016 award recipient
  • Kari Xiong, 2015 award recipient
  • Kristi Fox, 2015 award recipient
  • Alyssa Bryan, 2015 award recipient
  • Gülgün Kayim, 2014 award recipient
  • Kathie Battle Sayles, 2014 award recipient
  • Lori Saroya, 2014 award recipient
  • Mindy Manninen, 2013 award recipient
  • Mary Van Milligen, 2013 award recipient
  • Amanda Varley, 2013 award recipient

Nominate the next recipients

Hamline's WIPS Conference advisory committee accepts nominations for both awards—which are presented at the annual conference—throughout the year, with a deadline of September 15.

To nominate a public service rising star or experienced public service leader, please submit a nomination form.

WIPS Lifetime Achievement Award Nomination Form

WIPS Rising Star Award Nomination Form