Undergraduate Course Registration

Information to know before you register

Tuition for over 18 credits

Full-time tuition for fall and spring semesters covers up to 18 credits; however, the maximum credit-load is 20. If you choose to register for more than 18 credits, you will be charged the part-time per-credit rate for each credit beyond 18. There are exceptions to the additional charges. If registration for any of the courses listed below pushes your credit load above 18 credits, you will not be additionally charged for those courses. However, these exemptions do not apply to overloads (more than 20 credits in a semester). If you would like to register for more than 20 credits, you must petition; if approved, you will be charged overload tuition.

  • 0.5 and 1 credit seminars: BIOL/EXSC 5961, 5962, 5963 and 5964; CHEM 5950 and 5951; MATH 5920 and 5930; PHYS 5900 and 5910; REL 5900
  • Theatre Production Experience: THTR 1010 and 3010
  • Honors Seminar: HONS 1000
  • Departmental Honors: DEPT 5010
  • Music Performance Studies: MUS 3500-3730; MUS 5500-5730 
  • Education - Elementary Teaching Labs: GED 7846L and 7852L

Preparing for registration