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Genesis Begins Again Award

MFAC Alum Receives Newbery Honor, Corretta Scott King Award for New Talent Author, and Morris Award Finalist Honor

Genesis Begins Again by Alicia D. Williams, MFAC alumna '13, is making headlines in more ways than one. The debut novel received a Newbery Honor and the Coretta Scott King Award at the American Library Association's Youth Media Award and was a finalist for the William C. Morris Award.

The novel has also received starred reviews from Kirkus and School Library Journal, and was chosen as a 2019 Kirkus Prize Finalist. It was also a recommended 2019 book by NPR Books and declared as one of the best books of 2019 by the School Library Journal

About the Book

Genesis Begins Again follows thirteen-year-old Genesis as she tackles internalized racism, harmful comments from her family, and multiple evictions as her father gambles their rent money away. Genesis struggles with her identity, creating a list of things she hates about herself, but when she and her mom moves in with her grandma, Genesis starts at a new school, where a teacher helps to change her opinion about herself, helping Genesis to truly begin again. 

Praise for Genesis Begins Again

"Genesis' struggles are age appropriate but do not shy away from the hard truth about colorism within the Afro American community. Through each character, readers come to understand the significance of how one's story plays out in reactions and interactions with the people around them." --School Library Journal starred review

"This book may bring readers to tears as they root for Genesis to finally have the acceptance she craves-but from herself rather than anyone else. It's a story that may be all too familiar for too many and one that needed telling." --Kirkus starred review