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    2020 & 2021 Catalyst Site Leader Application (canceled due to Covid-19)

    Become a site leader

    Each year, Catalyst hires two Site Leaders for each spring break trip. Site Leaders are Hamline students who are responsible for creating the vision for each trip and finding service projects and experiential learning opportunities for their group to participate in during the trip. These leaders are then additionally responsible for leading a group of 8-10 students throughout their spring break trip.

    The 2020 Catalyst Alternative Spring Break site leader application is now closed. Check back next year for information on being a Catalyst 2022 site leader.

    2020 Sites and Topics

    Puerto rico (J-Term only)

    Lead Focus: Disaster relief
    Intersecting focuses may include: environment, poverty, community, and more.


    Lead Focus: Homelessness
    Intersecting focuses may include: politics, hunger, racial justice, women’s rights, and more.


    Lead Focus: Environmental Justice
    Intersecting focuses may include: poverty, homelessness, youth, racial justice, environmental justice, and more.

    Ghost ranch (New mexico)

    Lead Focus: Interfaith Spirituality and Service
    Intersecting focuses may include: interfaith collaboration, environmental preservation, spirituality, community engagement, and more.


    Lead Focus: Immigrant and Refugee Populations
    Intersecting focuses may include: domestic violence, sexual assault, poverty, law, English language learning, human trafficking, and more.