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Dr. Jillian Peterson of Hamline's Violence Prevention Program Research Center

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At the heart of the Center’s work is our commitment to ensuring our research results in a more informed and proactive society seeking to prevent violence. Drs. Jillian Peterson and James Densely are at the forefront of that work, responding to the demand for their expertise and sharing the Center’s pioneering research on societal change. As public intellectuals, they have made hundreds of media appearances worldwide.

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Jillian Peterson on WIRED


Criminologist and former investigator Jillian Peterson answers the internet's thrilling questions about true crime (October 31, 2023).

Jillian Peterson of Hamline's Violence Prevention Project Research Center on CBS Mornings

CBS Mornings

Jillian Peterson joins "CBS Mornings" to discuss what we can learn from the Nashville shooting, and strategies that could help prevent future mass shootings (March 28, 2023).

Screenshot from Andrea Mitchell coverage of James Densley of the Violence Prevention Project

MSNBC Andrea Mitchell Reports

James Densley shares how the perpetual cycle of mass shootings in the U.S. is increasing the likelihood that another will happen (February 14, 2023).

Dr. Jillian Peterson talks about the Violence Research Project on Dr. Phil

Dr. Phil

Jillian Peterson and James Densley discuss how mass shootings can be avoided (September 15, 2022).

MSNBC footage on mass shooting

MSNBC The Mehdi Hasan Show

Jillian Peterson shares how to identify and treat potential mass shooters before they act (July 6, 2022).

Hamline's Violence Prevention Project Research Center on News Hour

PBS News Hour

Jillian Peterson and James Densley discuss how their research works to identify who might commit mass shootings (June 13, 2022).

Dr. Jillian Peterson and Dr. James Densley featured on John Oliver

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

John Oliver cites Jillian Peterson’s research on the effectiveness of police in schools (June 6, 2022).

Screenshot from The Violence Prevention Project Research Center on Face the Nation

CBS Face the Nation

Jillian Peterson and James Densley on mass shooters, guns, and prevention (June 2, 2022).

Jillian Peterson and James Densley disuss mass shootings on VICE


Jillian Peterson and James Densley work with Missy Dodds, a mass shooting survivor, on how mass shootings can be prevented (March 11, 2020).

Dr. Jillian Peterson on CBS This Morning discussing commonalities in mass shootings

CBS This Morning

Jillian Peterson on the Violence Project database, which includes common traits of mass shooters like childhood trauma and behavioral changes (August 6, 2019).

Print and online coverage highlights

Can these scientists stop America’s next mass shooting?

As the US reels from yet another gun rampage, two researchers are venturing where nobody has before: inside the minds of the killers.
The Times (UK), November 11, 2023  [ Read story ]

The signs were all there. Why did no one stop the Maine shooter?

Shortcomings in mental health treatment, weak laws and a reluctance to threaten personal liberties can derail even concerted attempts to thwart mass shootings.
The New York Times, November 2, 2023  [ Read story ]

Maine gunman is the latest mass shooter with a military background. Experts explain the connection.

A database compiled by The Violence Project shows that out of 195 mass shootings since 1966, 50 involved suspects who were veterans or people with military training.
CBS News, October 31, 2023  [ Read story ]

Red flag laws are the answer

A study of mass-shooting incidents over nearly six decades found that about 30% of the perpetrators had experienced psychotic symptoms. 
Bloomberg News, October 27, 2023  [ Read story ]

Mental illness and mass shootings

"We can think about intervention and prevention at many points along that pathway," says Dr. Jillian Peterson of The Violence Project.
MSNBC, October 27, 2023  [ Read story ]

A guide to understanding mass shootings in America

How do attacks like the one in Lewiston, Maine, fit into America’s larger gun violence crisis? Our team corrects some common misconceptions.
The Trace, October 26, 2023  [ Read story ]

74 people have been killed or injured by guns at American schools this year

One expert describes it as part of an "astronomical increase" in violence on school campuses in recent years.
National Public Radio, March 29, 2023  [ Read story ]

The mass shootings where stricter gun laws might have made a difference

If the key gun control proposals now being considered in Congress had been law since 1999, four gunmen younger than 21 would have been blocked from legally buying the rifles they used in mass shootings.
The New York Times, June 4, 2022  [ Read story ]

The “good guys with guns” keep failing to stop mass shootings

In the 10 years since Sandy Hook, “good guys with guns” have been present or quickly arrived at the scene of nearly every major mass shooting and failed to stop the gunman before he was able to take multiple lives.
Time Magazine, May 31, 2022  [ Read story ]

2 mass shootings — 1,700 miles apart but bound by startling similarities

The two tragedies happened on separate ends of the country and yet, both share similarities: how the violence was carried out, certain aspects of the suspects, and the ease in which the weapons were accessed.
National Public Radio, May 27, 2022  [ Read story ]

Two professors found what creates a mass shooter. Will politicians pay attention?

Mass shooters overwhelmingly fit a certain profile, say Jillian Peterson and James Densley, which means it’s possible to ID and treat them before they commit violence.
Politico, May 27, 2022  [ Read story ]

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