• MinnState's Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC) and The Hamline Plan

    The foundation of Hamline University's rigorous liberal arts education is the Hamline Plan. The Hamline Plan is a nationally recognized general education program that provides students with a set of flexible, goal-oriented skills and experiences tied directly to graduation requirements.

    MinnState's two-year Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC) and Hamline University's four-year Hamline Plan work hand-in-hand to provide students with an excellent general education foundation.

    Students who complete the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum with a minimum course grade of C- will automatically satisfy at least 10 of the 19-20 Hamline Plan requirements, leaving nine or ten to finish at Hamline. For more information regarding how the MnTC aligns with the Hamline Plan, please see this chart: Hamline Plan to MnTC Alignment.

    Designed to provide practical applications of a theory-based education, the interdisciplinary Hamline Plan goes on to afford junior and senior students the opportunity to conduct independent studies, participate in internships and apprenticeships, and to further develop their skills in such areas as writing, speaking, computing, and cultural awareness.

    The Hamline Plan is goal-driven, with these educational goals tied directly to graduation requirements. It emphasizes the responsibility each student has for his or her own education and the necessity for students to reflect upon and articulate what they have learned to the larger community. Students and faculty advisors approach the Hamline Plan not as a series of requirements, but as a foundation for discovery. For the student who seeks a true liberal arts education, the Hamline Plan offers a wide and ever-changing selection of learning opportunities.

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