• Sexual Violence Prevention Task Force

    Sexual Violence Prevention Task Force Statement of Purpose

    It is Hamline University’s mission to create a diverse and collaborative community of learners dedicated to the development of students' knowledge, values and skills for successful lives of leadership, scholarship, and service. The Sexual Violence Prevention Task Force recognizes that sexual misconduct is a serious issue that interferes with the ability of Hamline’s community to succeed in accomplishing its mission. In recognition of this campus issue, our task force seeks to address sexual misconduct through creating and coordinating policies, procedures, and programming for prevention and response which reflect an expectation of nonviolence, respect, safety, and care for all members of our community.

    *At Hamline University, sexual misconduct is a broad term that includes sexual assault, relationship violence, and stalking.


     Connor Adrian Student, Martial Arts Club
     Jacob Alexander      Residential Life
     Amber Alme Student - '19, SPSV
     Bill Binkelman Faculty, CLA, Education
     Kathy Burleson  Senior Faculty, Biology and Women’s Studies
     Joe Davidson Student - '19, Residential Life
     Jen England Faculty Director of the Women's Resource Center, Faculty, CLA, English
     t. aaron hans Director of Sexualities and Gender Diversity Programs; Deputy Title IX Coordinator
     Bernie Hayden      Student - '20, Student Athletic Advisory Committee
     Patti Klein Title IX Coordinator, Dean of Student Affairs for Campus Life Programs
     Jeanne Kosieradzki Faculty, CLA, Legal Studies
     Ryan LeCount Faculty, CLA, Sociology 
     Jackie Liu Graduate Assistant, Women's Resource Center
     Kristin Mapel-Bloomberg Faculty, CLA, Women’s Studies  
     Paige Natzke   Student - '19, HUSC rep
     Allie Quinn Graduate Assistant, Student Leadership and Activities, Director of Orientation and First Year Programs
     Jenny Roper Counselor in Counseling and Health Services
     Kalease Smith Community Member - SOS, Sexual Violence Service of Ramsey County
     Jason Verdugo Director of Athletics
     Nancy Victorin-Vangerud University Chaplain, Director of the Wesley Center 
     Catherine Wassberg HU Vice President & General Counsel