Prevention and Involvement

Hamline engages prevention and training through various programs, awareness months, training and education, and campus-wide committees to support prevention of sexual misconduct and discrimination based on gender identity and expression.

Student involvement

Students who wants to get involved on campus in ending sexual misconduct, be a supporter, and advocate for social change, check out some of the programs available on campus!

StepUP! bystander program

Hamline uses StepUP! as our bystander intervention program to educate students about how to be proactive in helping others. While providing us opportunities to think more inclusively in how we respond to concerns and interrupt unwelcomed actions in our community. It also teaches students how to train their peers to be active members of our community. Do you want to learn more about being a bystander and what stops us stepping up in situations where we see something that isn't right? Want to learn some tools and skills to help step up more regularly? Then this training is right for you. 

Get involved with StepUP!

Students Preventing Sexual Violence

Join Students Preventing Sexual Violence (SPSV) is the student organization at Hamline University that works to raise awareness and reduce rates of sexual violence on campus and in the community. Through service work, discussion, rallies, and educational events, we aim to shed light on this important issue. Find them on Presence.

Women's Resource Center

The Women's Resource Center (WRC) provides a safe, inclusive, and supportive space open to all members of the Hamline community to work toward a more socially just and equitable world for women. We invite you to visit with us, discuss feminist issues, and access our resources. The WRC hosts a variety of programs and events throughout the year, including the annual Take Back the Campus. We have a range of opportunities to get involved—email us at or find us on Facebook and Instagram @HUWomensResourceCenter to learn more.

Committees and task forces

Hamline is committed to preventing sexual misconduct, responding when it occurs, and supporting survivors. The University has organized several committees and task forces to do just that. See below.

Sexual Violence Prevention Task Force

The Sexual Violence Prevention Task Force seeks to address sexual misconduct through creating and coordinating policies, procedures, and programming for prevention and response which reflect an expectation of nonviolence, respect, safety, and care for all members of our community. Membership is open to any faculty, staff, or student.

Learn about the Sexual Violence Prevention Task Force

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