• Reporting Process

    The report process and investigation process is detailed below. We work to complete the process within 60 days.

    1. Report received - You have submitted a report to Hamline University, either in person or via our online reporting process. It will be reviewed by our Title IX Coordinator or Deputy.

    2. Initial meeting with complainant - Discuss campus & community resources, interim measures, accommodations, and university process. Options to request to only report, request voluntary resolution, and/or desire to involve police. Requests for voluntary resolution or report only must be reviewed. If request is granted, move to investigation.

    3. Investigation - Investigator is named and interviews with complainant(s), respondent(s), and witness(es), and collection of evidence are completed. Investigation report is completed.

    4. Review of investigation - Parties review investigation report and submit statement to review committee.

    5. Review committee - The committee reviews investigation report, responses to the report and statements by all parties, and all submitted documents on basis of preponderance of evidence and makes the decision.

    6. Decision (respondent found responsible or not responsible) - The decision is given to both parties in writing, sanctions ranging from probation with educational sanctions to expulsion, are rendered when finding if responsible. Example sanctions include, but are not limited to the following:  probation, suspension (residential or university), expulsion, education on the specific topic of sexual misconduct, mentorship, limitations in physical spaces on campus, no-contact directives, removal from leadership positions, removal from participation in specific activities/events and restrictions in campus employment.

    7. Appeal - Either party may appeal the decision and/or sanction based on; lack of due process, new information, or severity of sanction. Appeal decision is final.