• I Want to Support Someone

    The Hamline community cares about those who have been impacted by sexual misconduct, including supportive loved ones—family, friends, and significant others. Below, we have included information on helpful ways to support a survivor for anyone who might be in contact with a survivor of sexual misconduct.

    Are you interested in becoming an educator, advocate, or supporter in the prevention of sexual misconduct, check out Prevention & Training to learn about various ways of getting involved.

    Supporting a Survivor of Sexual Violence

    Learn how to support survivors of sexual violence. The assistance you can offer will depend on the nature, timing and ongoing effects of the incident(s).

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    After an assault, survivors often have a difficult readjusting to regular life. This page focuses on the healing process, and the stages of healing. 

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    It is important to have a common language of terms and definitions around sexual misconduct and harassment, and discrimination based on gender identity and expression  to aid in reporting, prevention, and support.

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