• Hamline University Strategic Planning

    Message from President Miller

    Since 1854, Hamline University has taken the lead by setting the standard for a forward-thinking, student-centered education. We chartered ourselves as a university for all people and opened our doors with women, and we continue to uphold that legacy of leadership and inclusiveness as a core of our institution values. Hamline strives to be the vessel through which all students engage in and foster excellence, not only in the classroom but locally, nationally, and globally—so they can graduate with the skills, knowledge, and determination to critically question and impart meaningful change in the world around them.

    Our strategic planning process enables us to approach our university values with an ever-evolving mindset, scrutinizing the needs of higher education and exploring how we can best use our resources to provide the most relevant, innovative education possible. Our vision and values are deeply rooted within Wesleyan principles, and we champion those principles in our dedication to “do all the good we can, in all the ways we can”—for both today’s world and tomorrow’s. We endeavor every day to make our education more accessible and advantageous to our students, empowering them to take their own lead into the future.

    Long-term Goals and Guiding Principles

    Based on our vision and values, we have identified four pillars on which to focus our strategic planning process. The pursuit of excellence in each of these four areas is foundational to our purpose, identity, and function as a university.


  • Excellence

    Hamline will continue to strengthen curriculum and programs to evolve with the changing needs of students, the workforce, and our communities. We will provide a best-in-class education and student experience that enables our community to excel on and off campus.

  • Mission

    Hamline will embrace our mission, vision, and values rooted in the traditions and values of the United Methodist Church. We will be a dynamic, diverse, and inclusive university that is relevant to our communities today and in the future.

  • Philanthropy

    Hamline will properly position the university to embark on a comprehensive fundraising campaign that sustains our long range institutional goals.

  • financial-stability

    Hamline will meet budget objectives along with enrollment and retention goals crucial to achieving financial health. We will increase overall organizational effectiveness by ensuring operational and policy alignment across the university.