• Leading for the Future: Hamline University Strategic Plan 2019-2024

    Message from President Miller

    Leading for the Future: Hamline University’s Strategic Plan (2019-2024) is our roadmap to ensure that this institution will continue to thrive and provide transformational educational experiences to tomorrow’s leaders. It was developed through an extensive strategic planning process led by a committee and included students, staff, faculty, and members of the board of trustees. Our community extends its thanks and appreciation for the work of all those involved in the development of the plan. The full Board of Trustees approved it in October 2019.

    Hamline’s university-wide committees continue to advise university leadership on strategic planning initiatives

    Strategic Areas, Goals and Plan Purpose

    Leading for the Future identifies five strategic focus areas for the Hamline community. These areas and their attendant goals lay the foundation for the university’s comprehensive campaign which seeks to raise $110 million to support a strong and enduring future for Hamline University.

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    At Hamline University, we take the lead by delivering a rigorous, relevant, and transformational educational experience that is rooted in the liberal arts and that prepares all students for immediate and sustained success both at Hamline and in the larger world. We do this within a culture of belonging that nurtures and encourages intellectual, social, and professional growth and provides opportunities for leadership development.

    Hamline University offers programs that integrate academics, high-impact practices (e.g., research participation, internships, service), advising, and career services to allow students to excel academically and communicate, problem-solve, and lead effectively. Through the integration of knowledge and services, Hamline University will be better equipped to succeed now and in the future.

    This plan offers strategic guidance for the President, Board of Trustees, faculty, and staff, as they collaborate to continue to build the Hamline University of the future. This plan will be used to guide the work of all the members of the Hamline University community for the next several years.

  • Academic Excellence Strategy

    Hamline will provide relevant, mission-driven, best-in-class educational experiences for all 21st Century learners including traditional, non-traditional and graduate students. To that end, we will continue to strengthen curriculum and programs to evolve with the changing needs of our students, the workforce and our communities. We will provide high-impact, transformational experiences for our students which empower them to become future leaders.

    Goal: Enhance educational relevance and distinction.
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  • Retention and Student Success Strategy

    Enrollment and retention is the lifeblood of Hamline University. We are focused on supporting all students. We will attract, retain, and graduate a diverse student body of graduate and undergraduate students.

    Goal: Enhance opportunities for student retention and success.
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  • Student and University Life Strategy

    Hamline continually works to create an open and inclusive campus. We believe University life is enhanced through facilities, technology, and physical access, which promotes growth of the whole person.

    Goal 1: Enhance opportunities to become a more equitable, inclusive, and diverse Hamline community.
    Goal 2: Plan the Hamline campus and community of the 21st Century.
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  • Financial Stability and Sustainability

    To preserve Hamline’s mission and vision, we will implement forward-thinking, transparent, and consistent policies to ensure proper stewardship of the University’s resources. Collaborative, adaptive, transparent, and dynamic financial planning is important to the success of any endeavor.

    Goal: Ensure the continuance of a sustainable financial model.
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  • Investment in Hamline Strategy

    To provide proper support for its students, staff and community in all educational endeavors, Hamline must grow its endowment. Success in this area will provide for scholarships, students, and initiatives, allowing the University to transform the lives of its students and community.

    Goal: Increase philanthropic support for the University.
    More: view entire strategy and related goals

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