Hamline University Closed

May 28, 2020

Due to increased police presence and activity in the Midway area on Thursday, Hamline University is closed until further notice. For more information, click here

For COVID-19 response information, click here.

  • Connecting to Hamline Systems

    Change your passphrase now

    Passphrases and PINs reset guide

    Hamline users have two main login credentials to maintain: your Piperline ID number and your Hamline Username.

    Your Hamline username is used to log in to Canvas, the wireless network, lab computers, etc.

    Your Hamline ID number is only used to log in to Piperline.

    Your full email address is used to log in to Google applications such as Gmail, Calendar, and Drive.

    (Printable summary available at Hamline IDs and Passphrases) 

    Hamline Username and Passphrase 

     Your Hamline Username and Passphrase affect most of your accounts at Hamline  
    (Hamline Google email, Canvas, computers labs, library tools, wireless access, network access, etc.) 
    New to Hamline? New students and employees receive a username and initial passphrase in separate emails when admitted or hired by Hamline University. 


    Be aware that changing your Hamline Passphrase will affect most systems at Hamline (Hamline Google email, Canvas, computers labs, library tools, wireless access, network access, etc.)  

    • If you know your Hamline Passphrase and want to change it, log in to the self service site. If you need more details, visit the Hamline passphrase reset user guide. Please note that the first time you log into IDM you will be required to answer six predefined security questions.   
    • If your Hamline Passphrase has expired, contact the Service Desk at 651-523-2220 and give us your current contact information. An agent will contact you to help you change it.  
    • Your Hamline Passphrase must be at least 16 characters long, including at least one uppercase, one lowercase, and one number.
    • Your passphrase is case sensitive
    • Unless not accommodated by an application, use of special characters (e.g., "-", "!", "#") is encouraged to make a passphrase stronger (i.e., more secure)
    • Your Hamline Passphrase must be changed at least every 180 days
    • If your passphrase is not changed within 180 days your account will be disabled until the passphrase is changed. All data of a disabled account is retained, however new emails sent to your Hamline Google Email address will bounce back.
    • Your passphrase must be unique to the last three passphrases used


    If you want to test your Hamline Username and Passphrase, try them in the test login page 


    Hamline Google Email  

    Students, Staff & Faculty have Hamline Google Email addresses in the format of username@hamline.edu. Log into your Hamline Google Email at www.hamline.edu/mail with your Hamline Username and Passphrase (above). Please note when using the regular Gmail login page (mail.google.com), you must use your full Hamline Google Email address (username@hamline.edu) and your Hamline Passphrase to login.  
    New to Hamline? Google Email accounts are created for degree seeking students upon registration.
    Non-Degree seeking students are not assigned a Hamline email account. Staff and faculty get their Hamline Email when hired.



    Piperline is the system of academic records for Hamline University. In Piperline you can register for classes, find your class schedule, request transcripts, among others.  For accessing Piperline, use your Hamline ID number and a PIN.  

    New to Hamline? Your initial Piperline PIN will be sent to you by email.  For more information on using Piperline visit Using Piperline guide  



    • Self Reset: Click on the “Forgot Pin?” button in the Piperline Login page. A new PIN will be sent to your email. 
    • Need help?  If you cannot access your email, contact the Service Desk at 651-523-2220 and give us your current contact information. An agent will contact you to change your PIN.  This will require verification of your identity over the phone to protect your information contained in Piperline. 

      User Guides available: