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    United Methodist Connections

    Hamline University has a long history with the United Methodist Church.  From our founding in 1854 through a gift by Bishop Leonidas Hamline, we have always sought to live up to John Wesley's vision to "Do all the Good you can."  However, while embracing the values of the Methodist tradition, we do not want to exclude members of our community in the process.  In fact, our United Methodist tradition is to be a connectional community!  As such, we are a United Methodist related university and also Multi-faith in our programs. 

    To learn more about how Hamline University expresses our diverse spiritual vision, read "Faith: Creating a Foundation" from the 2007 issue of Hamline Magazine.

    General Board of Higher Education and Ministry Exemplary Teacher Award

    The General Board of Higher Education and Ministry of the United Methodist Church, through the Division of Higher Education, is pleased to offer the 2015-2016 Exemplary Teacher Award

    Apply to be an Intern at Hamline Church United Methodist

    Neither the hair shirt nor the soft berth will do. 
    The place God calls you to
    is the place where your deep gladness
    and world’s deep hunger meet.

     -Frederick Buechner

    Do you ever wonder?  How can I make a difference in the world today as a Christian?  What does it mean to live as Christians in community?  What are the issues, challenges, and new opportunities for people of faith in serving the common good from a spiritual perspective?  How can I explore my gifts and grow as a whole, spiritual person?   In what ways can I help congregations “re-think church” for diverse neighborhoods and new forms of partnership in ministry?

    Perhaps God might be stirring in your life.  Are you sensing a call to service?  As a professional working in a non-profit organization, school, medical clinic, law firm or corporation?  As a creative leader in a vibrant, relevant congregation?  As someone curious about going to seminary or graduate school and exploring ordination?  As a church staff member working in a specific area of ministry such as social justice, community health, environmental sustainability or music, drama and the arts?  Where do your “deep hungers” meet the “deep needs” of the world today?

    Download this application and apply to become an intern at Hamline Church, United Methodist.

    Hamline's United Methodist Connections Reconfirmed!

    On June 24, 2010 the University Senate of the United Methodist Church, upon the recommendation of the Commission on Institutional Review, approved Hamline University for continued listing, without qualification, as a United Methodist-related academic institution.