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    According to a study by Hamline management students, 94-percent of Hamline Elementary's 4th and 5th graders want to go to college. Though capable and motivated, most do not think they will achieve a college education because of the cost associated with higher education. The reality is that in 2007-2008, 87-percent of Hamline Elementary students received free or reduced price meals at school. For many of these students, attending college is a dream; however, financing a college education does not seem possible.

     In the spring of 2005, Hamline University's Board of Trustees bestowed the Wesley Award for Faculty to Rita Johnson, professor of Management and Economics and liaison to the Hamline to Hamline Collaboration. This honor came with a $5,000 cash reward. Rita donated her award as seed money to start a scholarship fund to support students who attend Hamline Elementary and later go on to attend Hamline University. By initiating this fund, Rita, and all of those who contributed, seek to impart hope to Hamline Elementary students that they too can achieve their dreams of attending college.

    Scholarship Fund Benefit's Success

    Hamline to Hamline University Collaboration Scholarship Fund benefit declared a success!  With the help of donated space, music, auction items and generosity at the door we were able to raise $3,800 for the Scholarship Fund.  We successfully went "Over the Top" and have endowed the scholarship.  We will soon begin offering scholarships to Hamline Elementary students who chose to attend Hamline University in the future. 

    Many members of the Hamline to Hamline Collaboration are doing important work.  We are asking you to be part of this work, to follow the example of those who have been inspired by the call of the Hamline to Hamline mission to engage all members of Hamline Elementary, Hamline University, and the community in authentic, shared, and purposeful learning experiences. 

    Please join us in supporting the Hamline to Hamline Scholarship Fund. Together, we can help make the dream of a college education a reality for many Hamline Elementary students. Thank you!