• Faculty and Staff Resources

    The Global Engagement Center knows that faculty and staff are important stakeholders when it comes to student success on and off campus. That is why we highly encourage both faculty and staff to be part of the international community and internationalization of our campus.

    Faculty can request presentations on study away topics in their normal classes or partner with the GEC to take their classes to new locations!

    Short-term programs like Spring Break, J-term or May Travel can be a great opportunity to add a new perspective to a topic or location you are interested in exploring with students!


    Those interested in mentoring students participating in independent international research can join the SPAN at Hamline community and lead a group abroad.


    Or guide first-generation college students and others on the Hamline Across the Pond program to offer just a bit more support while teaching a single class abroad.


    So many opportunities are at your fingertips! Where will you take your students? 

    Staff can also apply to be part of the short term programming as a campus colleague.

  • Short-Term Course Proposal (for faculty)

    Take your class away!

    Hamline programming generally happens during the J-Term or shortly after the end of spring semester, formerly May Term (now called May Travel). The GEC also aids several departments in facilitating online application systems for summer field studies and other programming like sports teams abroad or international choir programs.

    Contact the GEC with questions or to set up a consultation for a program proposal or being the proposal online now!

    We highly recommend at least 12 months advance preparation time before the intended travel term.


    Proposal site


    J Term

    J Term proposal 

    June 1

    May travel / Summer

    May travel / Summer proposal

    September 1

    Spring break

    Spring break proposal 

    June 1

    Faculty Handbook

    SPAN at Hamline University

    Starting in Fall 2019, the SPAN program will run at Hamline University. Faculty from Hamline University and those from institutions within Minnesota are open to apply to be part of this long running research and writing intensive program.

    Interested faculty can contact the   GEC   or   MNSPAN with questions.

    More information can be found on the SPAN at Hamline University website or in the SPAN at Hamline Faculty Handbook


    Proposal site



    SPAN at Hamline Proposal

    June 1

    "Hamline Across the Pond" Proposal or Semester Program Proposal

    Formerly known as Hamline in York. Open to full-time undergraduate faculty members who are interested in participating as the Hamline Across the Pond Programme Director in the future are encouraged to contact GEC Director Dr. Leila DeVriese for more information on the requirements and the process.

    Study Away Campus Coordinator/Colleague Application (for staff)

    Are you a full time staff member interesting in assisting on a short-term program away? Or a supervisor of an employee who you think would be a great addition to a Hamline program?


    You can now apply for the Study Away Campus Coordinator/Colleague  here. 

    J-Term, Spring Break, and Summer applications due Nov 1st.

    Study Away Coordinator/Colleague Handbook