• Virtual Desktop Infrastructure VDI 

    ITS is using  “Virtual Desktop Infrastructure” (VDI) to distribute Windows applications, including Office, SPSS, Mathematica, Crystal Reports, and various applications used for learning. Your applications are available via a web portal - there isn’t any download/install time and you have secure, instant access to the applications from anywhere with an internet connection.  It also allows us the option to invest in cheaper, more secure, easier to manage devices (such as Chromebooks) for the user workstation, thus saving money for Hamline overall. 


    ITS will continue offering training sessions on VDI for faculty, staff, and students through the month of February 2017.
    Sign up using the VDI training registration form. 
    During this training, we will discuss what VDI is, why we are using it, and we will walk you through the basic functions such as logging in, accessing applications such as Microsoft Office, saving documents, and printing.  We will also dedicate time to answer individual questions and use cases.


    VDI implementation timeline:

    Moving forward, Windows applications, beginning with Microsoft Office, will be offered only through VDI. In other words, rather than installing Office on individual workstations or devices, individuals will be able to access Office through VDI.  
    The Fall 2016 timeline involves upgrading MS Office to 2016 on VDI as follows: 
    (Detailed information is available in the VDI Implementation Timeline) 
        September 29: Upgrade MS Office to 2016 on VDI
        October 14: Deadline for requests for call for early-adopters volunteers
        October 17 week: Early adopter training sessions
        November 1: Pop-up notifications on local devices for Office removal begins. 
        November 7: VDI training starts
        December 23: Office 2007 will be removed from computer / teaching labs. 
        Office 2016 will be accessible via VDI from these machines 
        Podiums in classrooms will retain MS Office locally
        February 2 2017: On Thursday, February 2 at 5pm Hamline will begin the transition
        of Microsoft Office 2007 off of local computers used 
    by faculty and staff.
        These machines will be able to access MS Office via VDI.

    Exception workstations not normally connected to the the campus network will be able to upgrade to Office 2013. Use this form to request keeping MS Office on your local machine. An exception will be considered.

    VDI Main benefits: 

    Learn more about Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and its benefits in the VDI Fundamentals webpage