• Student Leadership and Employment

    The Office of Residential Life offers a number of opportunities for students to practice leadership through on-campus employment: Assistant Area Coordinator, Resident Advisor, Residential Housing Association Executive Board, Residential Life Office Assistant, and Summer Conference Staff.

    Assistant Area Coordinator 

    The Assistant Area Coordinator (AAC) lives in the residence hall community and are responsible for providing leadership and assistance to staff and students. The Assistant Area Coordinator is responsible for supporting the Area Coordinator with planning and implementing a comprehensive student development program. Assistant Area Coordinators assume primary responsibility for mentoring Resident Advisors and helping them increase their skill level in their job function. Assistant Area Coordinators are also responsible for staff supervision and training, advising and supporting hall council, individual student development, administrative support, and management of hall operations during duty hours.

    Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

    • Report directly to the Area Coordinator.

    • Live in assigned residence hall for the entire term of appointment.

    • Develop and maintain formal and informal relationships with Resident Advisors to assist with their professional/personal growth.

    • Assist Resident Advisors in the development, planning, and assessment of community programming.

    • Oversee duty coverage from 7PM-7AM to be divided between RA Staff.

    • Manage all room condition forms (RCF) and medical cards for the residents living on your floor and ensuring the timely return of keys and RCF’s to the Residential Life Central Office.

    • Be a role model to students in the hall.

    • Other duties as assigned.

    Resident Advisor

    The Resident Advisor (RA) is a full-time student who – under the supervision and direction of the Area Coordinator – serves as a peer educator, counselor, administrator, role model, friend, and team member for the residents of a floor or wing in a residence hall. The RA works to create and maintain a healthy environment that supports the educational mission of Hamline University and the academic and personal growth of the students within their assigned living unit. In carrying out his or her duties, the RA is expected to treat other students, supervisors, and fellow employees with courtesy and respect.

    Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

    • Report directly to the Area Coordinator.

    • Live in assigned residence hall for the entire term of appointment.

    • Participate in a daily rotating duty coverage from 7PM-7AM.

    • Develop and maintain formal and informal relationships with residents.

    • Encourage student involvement in shaping floor community.

    • Be knowledgeable about university resources to help students find their niche in the wider campus community.

    • Respond appropriately to students in crisis--physical, emotional, etc.--through assessment and referral to experienced professionals.

    • Understand and educate residents about University and Residential Life policies and regulations.

    • Other duties as assigned.

    Residential Housing Association (RHA) Executive Board

    RHA is the governing board of the Residence Hall Councils. Students elected and assigned to these positions are the voice and representatives to the Office of Residential Life for on-campus students. The RHA executive board is responsible for managing a programming budget, distributing funds to the hall councils, and planning large on-campus programs such as the Late Night Study BREAKfast, Lil' Sibs Weekend, Amazing Race, and Haunted Hallway. The RHA executive board attends regional and national conferences and is a stipend position. The executive board positions include President, Treasurer, Historian, National Communications Chair, and Programming Communications Chair.


    Residential Life Office Assistant

    The office assistant is responsible for assisting  with the day to day operations of the Residential Life Office. Duties include; staffing the office, key inventory and preparations for early arrival groups and opening. The office assistant must have the ability to perform tasks with minimum supervision/instruction, be self motivated, and have great attention to detail. The office assistant represents the Residential Life office and should display professionalism at all times. Confidentiality is highly important and the office assistant should never repeat confidential information that is related to them directly or overheard while working in the office.


    Summer Conference Assistant

    The Summer Conference Assistant serves as a liaison between Hamline University and summer conference groups, providing professional customer service while maintaining the safety of the residence halls. This is a paid summer position that provides customer service to our summer guests.