• About the Hedgeman Center

    Purpose and Objectives

    The Hedgeman Center for Student Diversity Initiatives and Programs helps create and sustain an inclusive community that appreciates, celebrates and advances student and campus diversity at Hamline University.
    We support, empower, and promote the success of all students with particular attention to U.S. students of color and indigenous students, first generation college students and other students from historically marginalized backgrounds. In partnership with other university and community members, our initiatives help prepare students to live, serve and succeed in a diverse university and world.
    Related, our objectives are to:

    • Provide services, resources and initiatives that assist students with successful transitions, meaningful experiences and graduation from the University;

    • Offer personal, social and cultural support to students and encourage academic success;

    • Create opportunities for students to embrace, celebrate and learn about diverse ethnic, racial, cultural, and social identities;

    • Facilitate student  leadership, engagement and participation in the University community;

    • Advocate for students and assist University constituencies in creating environments supportive of students from diverse backgrounds, identities and communities;

    • Educate the University community about the unique histories, cultures and experiences of students from diverse backgrounds and populations;

    • Provide opportunities for the University community to engage in meaningful discourse about multicultural, diversity, and social justice issues.

    Our services are inclusive, but some initiatives are targeted toward specific communities.

    Office History

    To learn more, you can view a SLIDESHOW PRESENTATION about the history of the Hedgeman Center.  You may also view a TIMELINE of the Hedgeman Center's development and evolution.