• Registering with Disability Resources

    The determination of eligibility for services is a two step process. Students must submit documentation and meet with the Director of Disability Resources. The purpose of the meeting is for Disability Resources to know and understand how a student's disability may affect them at Hamline. Together, these two sources will be used to develop an accommodation plan with the student, which is an agreement between the student and Disability Resources regarding the accommodations and services that will be provided.

    The accommodation plan can be modified throughout a student's career at Hamline.

    If documentation is insufficient, Disability Resources may request additional information. Except in cases of obvious physical disabilities, documentation is required before accommodations will be provided. Meeting with students and reviewing documentation may take up to a week at the beginning of the semester. Additionally, some accommodations require advance notice and may take several weeks to arrange. Students are encouraged to request accommodations well before the semester begins. Accommodations are not retroactive. If academic accommodations are granted, Disability Resources will prepare a Faculty Notification Letter which will be emailed to their instructors and copied to students at the beginning of each term which lists accommodations that will be required. Students should discuss these accommodations with their professors and how they relate to the specific demands of each course.