• Employee Assistance Program

    Hamline University offers two Employee Assistance Programs to our employees. This website will help you navigate which program maybe best for you. Both of these two programs are available to Hamline employees and their family.  Use of the Employee Assistance Program is 100% confidential and available 24/7.

    Employee Assistance Program through Medica OptumHealth

    Let's face it - life is full of unexpected bumps in the road. But whatever your concern -whether it's researching child care, dealing with credit card debt, or locating a family counselor - a call to Medica OptumHealth Employee Assistance Program (EAP) can help.

    Medica's EAP offers access to:

    • Three in-person counseling sessions. One huge benefit of utilizing the EAP services is counseling sessions. The EAP will help you locate a counselor if needed, all counselors referred are in Medica service network.  So in the event that you or your family member wants to participate in more then three counseling sessions, if you have Medica medical insurance, you will not need to change providers to continue.  If you are covered by a high deductible health plan, these three visits could save you more than $400 annually!
    • One 30 minute legal consultation.
    • 30-60 minute phone consultations with a financial advisor (one consultation per topic).
    • Child care and dependent care referrals.
    • Community resources

    A conversation with an EAP specialist can help you sort out the details.  Call 1-800-626-7944 for more information.

    Employee Assistance Program through Lincoln Financial

    Get help 24/7 with:

    • Depression, marital, or family difficulties
    • Stress management
    • Substance abuse
    • Legal and financial concerns
    • Locating child or elder care

    Call the EAP at 822-628-4824 or visit www.GuidanceResources.com User name = LFGsupport; password = LFGsupport1

    TravelConnect (travel assistance services)

    The TravelConnect benefit is provided to you when traveling100 miles or more from home. Services are provided for both business and leisure travel. 

    Get help 24/7 with:

    • Destination info - weather, currency and more
    • Emergency travel arrangements and funds transfer
    • Lost or stolen travel document assistance
    • Language translation services
    • Medical and dental referrals
    • Arrangement for delivery of medications, vaccines or blood
    • Security and political evacuation assistance

    Call TravelConnect at: 800-527-0218 or 410-453-6330 ID number: 322541 Stop in to the Human Resources office for a wallet card. You never know when you may need access to TravelConnect for travel assistance!


    LifeKeys is available to help you and your beneficiaries. Support services include:

    • Estate guidance and will preparation
    • Guidance Resources
    • Online Identity Theft Assistance following the loss of a loved one
    • Financial counseling Legal support

    Call LifeKeys at: 1-855-891-3684

    Visit Lincoln4Benefits.com. First time users must register by pressing the "I am a first-time user" link. Organization Web ID = Lifekeys