• TechSelect

    TechSelect is Hamline’s technology acquisition and asset management system.

    Get the Right Technology into the Right Hands in the Right Way

    TechSelect is based on three main ideas: expanded choices, a leasing model and a decentralized budget.

    In partnership with Hamline, TechSelect is committed to the following:

    • offering a menu of technology options for lease;
    • providing equipment that is leased with a monthly fee;
    • allowing departments to make their own decisions about the technology they use by relying on a decentralized budget and a flexible operating spending model;
    • allowing everyone to rely on the same process for technology acquisitions.

    Changes coming to TechSelect in early 2018

    Changes will be implemented in early 2018 to improve faculty and staff interactions with TechSelect. This will include a more user-friendly portal for order submissions, as well as better access and insight into the TechSelect program and assets under management. Be on the lookout for more updates and information on this topic.