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    View a comprehensive list of ITS supported services, helpful documentation, and login information. To log in to the self-help resources, use your Hamline credentials.


    Hamline University uses 25Live®, a web based scheduling, publishing, and registration system which facilitates and manages the scheduling of classes and events. Authorized users (University students, staff and faculty) are able to search for and request or book times, venues, and resources on the web 24 hours a day.

    Academic Technology Self-Help Resources

     Academic Technology | Active Learning Classrooms | Faculty Favorites
    We provide training and development and work closely with faculty to explore ways of utilizing technology in all classroom environments.

    Account and Group Management

     New to Hamline Guide | Account and Group Management
    Your Hamline Username is the account you use to access technology resources at Hamline, including Canvas, your Google email account, the wireless network and internet, library databases, or any computer on campus (computer labs, classrooms, or private offices).

    If you are a group owner, you can manage access to your group through our identity management application (idmapp).


     Banner Self-Help Resources »
    Banner is an application suite of software for higher education providing solutions for all major components of the campus including: Finance, Human Resources, and Student Services. 


     Blogger Self-Help Resources »
    Blogger is a blog-publishing service allowing instructors to provide a platform for students to share assignments with a wider-audience and even promote literacy and critical thinking skills through reflection.


     Login to Canvas | Canvas LMS Resources | Canvas Support Request »   
    Hamline’s New Learning Management System. 


     CashNet Self-Help Resources » 
    CashNet is the system used to simplify electronic payments.

    Central Service Desk

     Central Service Desk |  Central Service Desk Portal
    The CSD is a combined service point for all Hamline campus constituents who need to borrow items from the Bush Memorial Library, get assistance with their research, and seek technology support. We are located on the first floor of the Bush Memorial Library and can be contacted via phone, email or by visiting us here in person.


     Chromebooks Self-Help Resources » 
    Chromebooks are lightweight laptops designed for people who spend most of their time online. Learn more about this fast and secure devices.

    Classroom Technology

     Classroom Technology Support Self-Help Resources » 
    We provide self-help tutorials for using the various types of classroom podiums including the Active Learning Classroom podiums. For more information on Active Learning Classrooms visit the Active Learning Classroom Google Site. If you need assistance with other technologies in the classroom, contact the Central Service Desk. 

    Crystal Report

     Crystal Reports Self-Help Resources »
    Crystal Reports, a highly functional  windows-based report writing program, is designed to work with your database to help you analyze and interpret important information.


     Docfinity Self-Help Resources »
    DocFinity captures, manages and stores content and documents related to the processes of the University.  


     Google Self-Help Resources »
    Set of communication and collaboration tools that includes email, calendar, and documents including Docs, Sheets, Forms, Slides, and Sites.


    iPads are available for faculty and students to use. Use the Reservation form to reserve an iPad.


     Hamline Listserv Self-Help Resources » 
    The Hamline List Manager service allows the easy dissemination of information to particular groups of people.


     Lucidchart Self-Help Resources »
    Provides an intuitive and collaborative diagramming solution compatible with Hamline’s Google Apps suite.

    LinkedIn Learning

     Login | LinkedIn Learning Self-Help Resources » 
    Provides high-quality, professional video tutorials and training. Can be accessed on any computer or mobile device, using the LinkedIn Learning app, with your Hamline credentials.


     Phone services Self-Help Resources »


     Login to Piperline |Piperline Self-Help Resources » 
    Piperline is a secure area in which students can check their grades, register for classes, view class schedules, access their student account information, view Hamline computer accounts, and more. Staff can see information about their employee records and Faculty can submit grades, view class rosters, and contact students.


     PiperXpress website | PiperXpress Self-Help Resources » 
    PiperXpress provides printing, copying and mailing services for Hamline University,  using operational practices that are sustainability-focused and environmentally responsible.

    Poll Everywhere

     Poll Everywhere Self-Help Resources »
    Student response system that allows faculty to conduct formative assessments, and whole-class participation through teacher-designed surveys, polls, and discussion boards.  

    Project Call

     Submit a Project Call | Project Call Self-Help Resources » 
    The “Project Call” process provides a method through which Hamline faculty and staff can present ITS and Facilities projects for consideration and potential approval.

    Residence Hall Network

     Residence Hall Network Self-Help Resources »
    Students living on the Residence Halls have different technology services available such as: access to Hamline wireless network, cable TV and telephone jack. In addition, the University also has a student-staffed technology position responsible for serving as liaison between ITS and residents.

    Respondus LockDown Browser

     Respondus LockDown Browser Self-Help Resources »
    LockDown Browser is a tool in Blackboard that prevents students from printing, copying, going to another URL, or accessing other applications while taking the test.  


     Login | TechSelect Self-Help Resources » 
    TechSelect is Hamline’s technology acquisition and asset management system.


     Login to VDI ITS is using  “Virtual Desktop Infrastructure” (VDI) to distribute Windows applications, including Office 2016, SPSS, Mathematica, Crystal Reports, and various applications used for learning. Your applications are available via a web portal - there isn’t any download/install time and you have secure, instant access to the applications from anywhere with an internet connection.


     Login | WebEx Self-Help Resources » 
    WebEx is Hamline’s primary video conferencing tool. It provides a web-based, virtual meeting conference space that allows users to collaborate through VoIP call-in.


     Wireless Network Self-Help Resources »
    The Hamline Wireless Network provides campus affiliates and guests with wireless Internet access. All buildings that directly affect students, teaching, and learning will be served by secure wireless connectivity. Your Hamline User Account is your login for the wireless network. Guests who don't have a Hamline User Account can get a guest login from the Central Service Desk .


     Login to Workday | HamlineNow Resources »
    Workday is an application suite of software providing solutions for all major components of the campus including: Finance, Human Resources, Payroll and Benefits.