• Resources for Undocumented Students

    Update: In September 2017, President Trump’s administration announced it will end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) Act in six months. In the meantime, Congress will work on immigration legislation that could replace DACA.  We know this news may be frightening and disturbing to any of our students who are in the DACA program or who may be undocumented, as well as their friends, family, and supporters. Be assured Hamline continues its commitment to lawfully supporting these students in their pursuit of higher education.

    At Hamline University, we strive to create and maintain a welcoming, diverse, and collaborative community. We believe that in doing so we create an environment where all students can thrive, while being dedicated to the development of their knowledge, values and skills for successful lives of leadership, scholarship, and service.

    In line with Hamline’s mission to create a diverse and collaborative community of learners, we invite prospective students and stand with current students in our commitment to social justice, civic responsibility, and inclusivity. Prospective students born outside of the United States are welcome to apply regardless of their immigration status.

    Hamline understands the unique immigration challenges undocumented students currently may be facing. We are committed to lawfully supporting undocumented students at Hamline in their pursuit of higher education. If you are a Hamline student looking for immediate assistance with such a concern, please contact the Hamline Dean of Students’ office at an-studentaffairs@hamline.edu and ask to schedule an appointment with a confidential off-campus immigration resource. Please do not disclose your immigration status in this request; simply ask to be referred to the resource.

    The following alternate resources may be helpful as well.

    Local Immigration Resources

    National Immigration Resources

    National Immigration Law Center Resources

    Become Involved

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