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    Admission Criteria

    Hamline University is a small Minnesota based private college that seeks to admit students who demonstrate a working knowledge of the major academic disciplines; have developed the writing, speaking, reasoning, and study skills to be successful in the university’s academic programs; and demonstrate the motivation and maturity to meet the academic and social challenges of a selective, residential, liberal arts college.

    In the evaluation process the admission committee considers secondary school course selection and performance in academic subjects as the most important indicators of ability. The minimum recommended pattern of college preparatory subjects includes:

    1. Four years of English, including one year of college preparatory writing. 

    2. Three years of mathematics, including two years of algebra and one year of geometry or the equivalent. 

    3. Three years of science with laboratory experience. 

    4. Three years of social science. 

    5. Two years of a foreign language.

    A secondary school diploma or its equivalent is required for admission except as noted below. Students who have not completed the recommended courses but whose scholastic record and aptitude indicate the possession of the characteristics described above are invited to submit their credentials for consideration.

    The admission committee also considers an applicant’s rank in class, test score results, recommendations, and co-curricular involvement as indicators of preparation for academic and social environments. Evidence of leadership qualities in school and in the community at large is considered as an especially positive indicator.

    While admission interviews are not required of all applicants, they are strongly encouraged. In addition to the requested application materials, some applicants may be asked to provide the results of additional course work, and/or complete an admission interview.

    Hamline University does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, ancestry, sex, disability, religion, age, sexual orientation, or veteran status in its education or employment programs or activities.


     First year: 

    early action: November 1
    regular decision: January 15
    Rolling Admission thereafter (as space is available) 


    fall: February 1
    spring: November 1


    spring early action: November 15
    spring regular: January 10
    fall early action: March 15
    fall regular: August 1


    FAFSA: 002354
    ACT: 2114
    SAT: 6265


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