• Summer Financial Aid-- 2020-2021

    Summer term ends Hamline’s academic year. Most Financial aid packages are awarded for fall and spring terms only. Please review below under your student type to see what financial aid you may be eligible for in the summer and any next steps you need to take to insure your summer balance gets paid.

    Graduate and Graduate Certificate Students

    Graduate students may be eligible for an increase in their loan eligibility if they are at least half-time.

    If you did not receive an award for either fall or spring, follow these steps:

    1. Complete the FAFSA for the correct aid year and send it to Hamline University. Remember that summer is the tail end of this academic year. The FAFSA deadline is June 30th for this academic year. View instructions on how to apply.
    2. Check your Hamline email and mailing address. You will receive notice that your award has been completed.
    3. Accept the loans you are interested in. View instructions on how to accept loans.

    If you have already received an award in fall or spring, follow these steps:

    1. Register for your summer course.
    2. Complete the online request form. When the form is received by our office, we’ll review how much more in loans you may be eligible for and adjust your award.
    3. Check your Hamline email. You’ll receive an email letting you know your award has been revised.
    4. Accept the additional loans you are interested in. View instructions on how to accept loans.

    Undergraduate, Post Baccalaureate, and Online Bachelor's Degree Completion Students

    There are limited grants and scholarships available to undergraduate students in the summer. Hamline grants and scholarships are not available in the summer.

    If students are registered at least half-time (6 credits or more), we will automatically review and adjust the award for summer.

    • Limited Pell and/or State grant is available since the majority of these grants are awarded during fall and spring.
    • Federal Subsidized/Unsubsidized student loans may be available if student has not accepted all of the loan eligibility during the fall and spring semesters.
    • The Majority of student award packages for summer will likely be a Parent PLUS loan or student Alternative Loan options.

    If students are taking classes below the half-time-mark (less than 6 credits), student alternative loans are available.

    • Alternative loans may require a credit-worthy co-signer. Please visit our loans page to learn more about each of these loan types.
    • Students will need to request alternative loan eligibility from the financial aid office AND apply for the alternative loan through the private lender.

    **All students must be registered in order to receive any type of educational loan eligibility.
    ***Education loans do not cover summer room and board if students are not taking courses.

    Enrollment Status

    NOTE: Only courses required for your program count in the Financial Aid Enrollment Status.


    Half-time*: At least 6 credits per semester.
    Full-time: At least 12 credits per semester.
    State Grant: At least 15 credits per semester for full award.


    Half-time*: At least 4 credits per semester.
    Full-time: At least 8 credits per semester.