• Hamline School of Education Staff

    Learn more about the experienced staff who work with Hamline's School of Education. These Staff Profiles provide background on the staff, what they do for their department, contact information, office hours (if applicable), and other relevant information.

  • bill binkelman 2
    Bill Binkelman

    License and Degree Certification Officer

    dana coleman 2
    Dana Coleman

    Clinical Placement Coordinator

    molly doran 2
    Molly Doran

    Graduate Advisor: Advanced Degrees and Continuing Studies

    Mike Noreen225
    Mike Noreen

    Graduate Student Advising and Success Manager

    Amy Stolpestad 225x225
    Amy Stolpestad

    ELM Project Director

    alyssa vaj 2
    Alyssa Vaj

    Licensure Advisor

    Danielle Zdon
    Danielle Zdon

    Pro Exp Skills Specialist