• HEOA Consumer Information Disclosures

    The United States Department of Education (ED) requires Hamline University to disclose certain info to consumers, such as students, prospective students, parents, and employees. This is done in accordance with the Higher Education Act (HEA) of 1965*, as amended. Hamline created this website to provide a convenient page to access the disclosure information.

    Disclosures are grouped by area for convenience. Click on the disclosure area to view data, reports and information on the more detailed disclosure categories.

    Consumer Information Disclosure Areas

    General Institutional Information
    Find general information about Hamline University, including its academic programs, faculty, facilities, accreditation, key institutional statistics such as enrollment and demographics, key policies relating to credit transfer, technology use, copyright infringement, and student privacy (FERPA), services for students with disabilities, cost of attendance and net price calculator, bookstore information, and withdrawal and tuition refund information.

    Financial Aid and Loans
    Find information and policies relating to financial aid and loans at Hamline University.

    Health and Safety
    Find information on campus security, drug and alcohol policies, student code of conduct, harassment policies, and vaccination policies.

    Intercollegiate Athletic Programs
    Find detailed data, reports, and/or information intercollegiate athletic programs.

    Student Outcomes
    Find information on Employment & Educational Outcomes and undergraduate retention and graduation rates.

    Teacher Preparation
    Find data and reports sent to the US Department of Education for Title II reporting, and to the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP), relating to the School of Education’s teacher preparation programs.

    Voter Registration
    Find information from the Minnesota Secretary of State and from Hamline University on how to vote in national, state, and local elections.

    State Authorization and Professional Licensure 
    Find information related to Hamline University’s authorization by other states for various programs or activities, and information about where Hamline’s programs may lead to eligibility for employment licensure or certification.