• Political Science - Standard Major

    Standard Major Program

    Hamline's political science major is grouped into two programs: the standard major and the public service major. The standard political science major is appropriate for students who plan to enter law school or graduate school in the social sciences, those who anticipate civic participation in politics and public affairs, students interested in international careers, and those who intend to pursue other careers such as business and wish to acquire a deeper understanding of political processes and developments.


    Standard Major Requirements

    The standard political science major requires a minimum of 10 courses including:

    One courses in Political Thought or Political Theory

    Choose one course from the following:

    One course chosen from

    Two courses in Comparative Politics/International Politics

     Choose two courses from the following:

    Three political science electives

    • PSCI elective
    • PSCI elective
    • PSCI elective


    A course in elementary statistics is strongly recommended, but it is not counted as one of the 10 political science courses in the standard major.

  • Law School Early Admission (3-3) Option

    Students seeking to enter law school may pursue this major through the Law School Early Admission (3-3) Program. If interested, meet with the Political Science Department Chair and a Legal Studies faculty member by the end of your first year at Hamline.

    Visit the Law School Early Admission (3-3) Program for more details.