• Political Science Department

    Welcome to the Political Science Department at Hamline University.

    The Hamline University political science department aims to provide students with a comprehensive introduction to the subject matter, methods, and assumptions of political science. Our overriding goal is to help students understand the dynamic and changing political world in which they live and its ramifications for their lives. In the process, students also acquire improved analytic, speaking, and writing skills necessary for succeeding in a challenging sociopolitical and work environment.

    The study of Political Science will help you be able to:
    1. Write clearly, effectively, and in an organized way about domestic and international politics.
    2. Speak clearly, effectively, and in an organized way about domestic and international politics.
    3. Demonstrate knowledge of and critical thinking about major theories, concepts, qualitative or quantitative methods of political science, and their application in political practice.
    4. Complete a political science research project using appropriate methodological tools and research materials. 
    5. Identify and critically analyze differences across cultures, genders, religions, or other value systems in the study of politics. 

    Learning Outcomes

    The purpose of learning outcomes at Hamline University is to ensure that our mission and values are realized in what our graduating students know, value, and can do. View all learning outcomes for Political Science.

  • News


    Political Science Professor Joe Peschek presented a paper on "The Trump Presidency, Neoliberalism, and the Far Right: Alliances and Antagonisms" at the recent annual conference of the American Political Science Association.


    Dr. Alina Oxendine, chair of the political science department, recently presented her research about income inequality and U.S. citizens’ perceptions of government at the 2018 Annual Meeting of the International Society of Political Psychology in San Antonio, Texas.


    The Wesley Center Social Justice Award was established in honor of Professor Emeritus Donald P. Irish to recognize Hamline University faculty and staff for their work on behalf of human rights, social justice, and peace. The award recognizes someone who integrates social justice into all aspects of their leadership on campus. This year’s recipient of the Wesley Center’s Social Justice Award is Dr. Binnur Ozkececi-Taner.