• Auditions

    Finding the place that fits best.

    Hamline's music department hosts auditions at the beginning of the fall semester for all students who wish to join a music ensemble or take private lessons. Groups like University Chorale do not require an audition to join, but auditioning is important for finding an ensemble that will help each musician flourish.

    In the spring, if students wish to audition for a place in one of Hamline's music ensembles, they may contact the director of the ensemble they wish to join to schedule an audition


    Fall '21 Auditions for Hamline Musical Ensembles


    New Student Auditions - Monday, August 30, 3:30-5pm, and Tuesday, August 31, 1-3pm. Sign up sheets will be posted in Drew Fine Arts on August 28th.

    Professor George Chu, gchu@hamline.edu, DFA 209

    AUDITION INSTRUCTIONS FOR VOCALISTS - for studio assignment and choir membership. University Chorale is open membership, no audition required.
    Prepare a song you are familiar with that shows your range and vocal ability.

    Strings/Orchestra - Professor Yali You, yyou@hamline.edu, DFA 114
    Woodwind, Brass, Percussion/ Wind Ensemble - Professor Janet Greene, jgreene@hamline.edu, DFA 111
    Jazz Ensemble - Greg Keel, gkeel01@hamline.edu, DFA 119

    Prepare a piece (or two short pieces) to demonstrate both technical and musical skills (various tempos and characters).
    A scale of your choice with as many octaves as possible.
    A short sight-reading passage.
    Jazz students may demonstrate improvisation skills over a blues progression.
    Percussion students, let us know what instrument(s) you will need for the audition!

    Questions? Contact Professor Greene, Chair