• Mathematics at Hamline

    In the seventeenth century Descartes dreamed of a world unified by mathematics and believed he had seen the future. Today mathematics permeates nearly every aspect of the world, appearing sometimes as a tool and other times as a theoretical science. Thus an appreciation of both the beauty and utility of mathematics is essential to a liberal education.

    The Department of Mathematics facilitates growth in both areas by working with other departments to encourage student's development of skills needed for study in those departments, and by fostering an appreciation of mathematics for its own sake.

    Degrees Offered 

    Students interested in math can pursue any of the following degrees offered by the Department of Mathematics:

    Students of any major are invited to get involved with math competitions.

    Mathematics-inclined students may also wish to pursue a minor in computational data science or a teaching license in mathematics.

    Learning Outcomes

    The purpose of learning outcomes at Hamline University is to ensure that our mission and values are realized in what our graduating students know, value, and can do. View all learning outcomes for Mathematics.