• Juris Doctor/Master of Business Administration

    Establish your business law specialty with a dual JD/MBA

    The dual JD/MBA from Mitchell Hamline School of Law* and Hamline Graduate School of Business prepares you for today’s complex business world and emphasizes themes of ethics, global awareness, strategic change, conflict management, critical thinking, collaborative problem solving, and effective communication.

    Law students in the joint degree program are able to integrate their sophisticated understanding of corporate, commercial, and regulatory law, and conflict management with a comprehensive foundation of business management concepts.

    The Hamline MBA is organized around six modules:

    1. Leading People with Integrity and Purpose
    2. Managing Financial Resources
    3. Leveraging Organizational Resources
    4. Improving and Protecting Resources
    5. Planning Change and Development (Part I)
    6. Planning Change and Development (Part II)

    MBA Courses Applicable to JD requirements

    • MBA Module 1 (8 credits), consisting of:
      • MBA 8160: Leadership Development
      • MBA 8140: Critical Thinking
      • MBA 8101: Management & Organizational Behavior
    • MBA Module 2 (8 credits)
      • MBA 8250: Financial Accounting
      • MBA 8210: Managerial Accounting
      • MBA 8240: Managerial Economics
    • MBA Module 5 (8 credits)
      • MBA 80XX: Elective
      • MBA 8420: Strategic Financial Analysis
      • MBA 8495: Strategic Management and Field Study/Capstone I
    • MBA Module 6 (8 credits)
      • MBA 80XX: Elective
      • MBA 8496: Strategic Management and Field Study/Capstone II
    • Other Coursework (3 credits)
      • MBA 8350: Marketing Management

    To Apply

    You must apply separately and be accepted into both Mitchell Hamline School of Law and Hamline School of Business. You begin integrating modules of the MBA after completing your first year of law school. Registration should be completed through the law school as long as you are attending there.

  • *Hamline University, accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC), maintains an affiliation and collaborative relationship with Mitchell | Hamline School of Law, an autonomous law school created by the combination of Hamline University School of Law and William Mitchell College of Law and which is separately accredited by the American Bar Association (ABA).