• Career Mentor Program (CMP)

    What is the HSB Career Mentor Program?

    You’re getting a great education—it takes more to get a great job!

    80% of CMP participants have their career-directed job when they graduate. The program helps students develop the skills to win the job that will launch the career of their dreams!

    • Work with your own personal senior executive mentor
    • Join targeted workshops to build skills for planning your career and wowing recruiters
    • Learn to network and gain greater internship & job opportunities
    • Build your brand and ability to impress hiring managers

    What are the program benefits?

    • Develop your career mission and direction
    • Use Gallup’s StrengthsFinder to understand your strengths, how to use them and how to describe them
    • Make Twin Cities connections NOW
    • Receive personal support in prospecting internships
    • Target jobs that will launch your career
    • Negotiate job offers and learn how to manage work challenges with personal mentor guidance

    Who are the CMP Mentors & what do they do?

    Our CMP Mentors are seasoned, senior executives currently active or recently retired. They’ve built successful careers and developed others along the way. They invest their energy in helping our students develop capabilities to win in the job market. In 2019-2020, mentors conducted over 180 individual sessions with CMP Students.  

    Hear from retired Senior Vice President, St. Paul Port Authority, Lorrie Louder about her experience as a CMP Mentor

  • What do participants do in this program?

    In addition to mentor meetings, each year the CMP provides 10 - 15 career development workshops at basic and advanced levels to help our students build their “career development” skills, most led by our CMP Mentors. Topics include:

    • Personal Finance
    • CMP Alumni Insights
    • Entrepreneurship - Special Topics
    • LinkedIn Profiles, Branding & Networking
    • Informational Interviewing
    • DiSC survey insights to work better in teams
    • Student Event Leader roles working with mentors on these workshops

    Hear from first generation college student and CMP participant, Olivia Insisiengmay about her experience in the program

  • Who can join and what are you expected to do?

    Students in Hamline School of Business can apply for the Career Mentor Program. The approximate time commitment is 12-15 hours per semester, which varies depending upon student needs and interests. Individual meetings are flexible and group events are scheduled well in advance.

    For further information or to apply, contact: