Anne Simley Theatre

The Anne Simley Theatre, a 289-seat proscenium theatre, is located in the Drew Fine Arts complex and was built in 1983. This is the primary performance space on campus and is used for student shows as well as dance concerts, theatre events as well as public lectures, and conferences.


Most of the theatrical performances at Hamline occur in Anne Simley Theatre. From the performance of Until Someone Wakes Up during Hamline's new student orientation Piper Passages by the group Making Waves, to the wealth of plays and musicals put on by the department each year, the theatre is in constant use.

You can browse through the Hamline Theatre Department's archive to view photos of past performances.

Rental options

The Anne Simley Theatre and Studio 67 are both available for rental when they are not being used by the university's students.

For rental inquiries, please contact Classroom and Space Management at 651-523-2474 or