Facilities for Psychology Students

The psychology department is located on the ground floor, northwest corner of Giddens Learning Center. There is a spacious common area where students can meet to study or chat.

There are three dedicated laboratories nearby, two of which are connected two-room suites. One room in each suite is a testing area, where experimental participants are seated during experiments. There they can be fitted with recording electrodes to monitor heart rate, muscle tension, EEG, or other physiological measures. In adjoining recording rooms, student and faculty experimenters can monitor those recordings without intruding on the participant in the test area.

The third laboratory is a state-of-the-art interaction lab. One room of the interaction lab has a small table and chairs where parents and their children can play together, solve problems together, and so on. The parent-child interactions are recorded by small, unobtrusive cameras and microphones; and the information is displayed on monitors in the adjoining recording area.

In addition, there are several small lab rooms where student and faculty researchers can conduct their studies away from the distractions of the common area.