Help From the University

If you are in immediate danger, call Public Safety 651-523-2100 or 911.

Hamline University is committed to providing a comprehensive and integrated response to community members who have experienced any form of sexual misconduct: sexual harassment, discrimination based on gender identity or expression, and sexual violence, including sexual assault, dating/domestic violence, and stalking.

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Select any of the following areas to get help from one of Hamline University's internal resources:

Public Safety
Residential Life
Title IX coordinator 
Confidential resources

Public Safety: 651-523-2100

Hamline University’s Public Safety department provides 24-hour services to protect the safety of the campus community and is part of the integrated campus response to issues of Sexual Misconduct, which includes:

    • Assisting students with immediate safety planning
    • Assisting students in completing a Hamline University incident report
    • Informing the student that they may make a police report and clarifying that the decision to report to law enforcement does not commit the prosecuting attorney to pursuing criminal charges
    • Assisting students in contacting Saint Paul Police to make a police report
    • Connecting students to resources at Hamline and in the community
    • Assisting students in contacting the Title IX Coordinator or Deputy
    • Assisting students in contacting residential life staff

    Residential Life staff: Call your on-duty person

    Residential life staff members are available 24/7. Availability Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. is through the residential life office, and after hours (including weekends) through the on-duty person. Area Coordinators and RAs have received training to assist students in sexual misconduct issues including sexual assault, dating violence, harassment and stalking incidents and can assist students in getting support resources, filing reports, or contacting security and/or police.

    • Residential Life Office (Manor Hall 26): 651-523-2061
    • Apartments Area Coordinator: 651-523-2515
    • Drew Area Coordinator: 651-523-2087
    • Heights Area Coordinator: 651-523-2422
    • Manor-Sorin Area Coordinator: 651-523-2950

    Title IX coordinator and deputy coordinator

    Title IX coordinator: Patti Kersten, Dean of Students/Title IX Coordinator; West Hall room 106; 651-523-2421 (office) 651-523-2948 (direct);

    Deputy Title IX coordinator: TBD

    These positions work to support any student, faculty or staff who has experienced sexual harassment, sexual assault, domestic/dating violence or stalking. Crisis intervention services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week through safety and security at 651-523-2100 or residence hall staff. Services include:

      • Immediate student-centered support and advocacy
      • Addressing immediate safety concerns
      • Informing student of available options regarding medical services, forensic evidence collection, and reporting to law enforcement

      Services also include ongoing support and advocacy, including:

        • Support in accessing health and counseling services
        • Academic accommodations
        • Housing accommodations
        • Consultation with friends, family, and others on how to support a victim, as requested by student
        • Assistance filing a formal criminal report or formal conduct charge and connecting the student with an adviser who will support the student during medical, law enforcement, and/or student conduct proceedings, and assistance in connecting a student to community resources
        • Various other campus and off-campus needs

        Confidential resources

        Counseling and Health Services: 651-523-2204

        We are located in Manor Hall Basement, room 18. Our office is committed to providing students with physical and emotional care following incidents of sexual harassment, sexual assault, domestic/dating violence, and stalking. During counseling and health clinic hours, students can be seen by medical professionals specially trained to care for students who have experienced these issues. There is no charge for this confidential appointment.

        View the Counseling and Health webpage 

        Depending on the circumstances medical services may include a physical exam, emergency contraception, and antibiotics to treat a potential infection. The Health Center is also a great resource for students who are experiencing difficulties such as difficulty sleeping, anxiety, and depression. In addition, they can provide access to resources, including referrals to on- and off-campus support services. The Health Center is not able to collect evidence, but can refer and assist in transportation to a hospital for a SANE nurse examination. They are not required to report the incident to law enforcement or the university.

        Campus chaplain and rabbi
        Our campus chaplain and rabbi are located in the Wesley Center, on the third floor of the Anderson Center in Suite 318. You can find their contact information below.

        • Rev. Kelly Figueroa-Ray serves as the University Chaplain, who can provide confidential assistance to students. Her phone number 651-523-2750.
        • Rabbi Esther Adler also is a confidential resource. Her phone number is 651-523-2867.


        We know that experiencing these issues can affect many aspects of a student’s life. The goal is to remedy the effects on students as much as possible and support them in being successful in their education. All campus accommodations are provided with the highest level of privacy possible and only with the student's permission.  

        Academic accommodations

        The Dean of Students/Title IX Coordinator (651-523-2421) or the Sexualities and Gender Diversity Programs Director/Deputy Title IX Coordinator at (651-523-2380) can assist in arranging on-campus accommodations, such as:

          • Course accommodations: This may include help with obtaining reasonable adjustments to coursework and class schedules. If the accused student and victim share classes together, our primary response would be to remove the accused student from the class. In cases where the victim chooses not to disclose who hurt them, the perpetrator is unknown, or based on victim’s request, the victim’s class or schedule can be changed.
          • Assistance with financial aid: If the situation has impacted a student’s financial aid situation, the student can receive help in discussing options and finding a solution.
          • Assistance with student employment concerns
          • Assistance with academic petitions and appeals
          • Various other campus needs 


          Many students who have experienced sexual harassment, sexual assault, domestic/dating violence, and/or stalking no longer feel safe within their current living situation. The Dean of Students/Title IX Coordinator (651-523-2421) or the Sexualities and Gender Diversity Programs Director/Deputy Title IX Coordinator (651-523-2380) can assist students with a variety of options depending on the circumstances.

          On-campus housing accommodations: For students who live on-campus, there are several options for alternate campus housing. Depending on the circumstances, our primary response would be to remove the accused student from the housing community. In cases where the victim chooses not to disclose who hurt them, the perpetrator is unknown, or based on victim’s request, there are options of moving the victim to alternate housing locations on campus.

          Off campus housing accommodations: For students living off-campus there are options, depending on the situation, for the student to find safety in their living situation.

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