• The Piper Report

    The Piper Report is a monthly news program created by Hamline University students. Each episode is uploaded to the Hamline University Youtube Channel, and consists of video segments about what is happening in and around the Hamline community.

    There are a variety of topics reported on, with a balanced mixture of feature stories, breaking news stories, and sport updates. Segments are often about topics that create a buzz on campus and covers everything and anything that people are interested in. Piper Reporters follow those leads and generate content based on what they feel the campus wants to know about.

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    Piper Report Team

    Student Reporters and Editors  

    • Johannah Kneen '17, major in Communication Studies and minor in Religion and Sociology
    • Jack Bryan '17, double major in Digital Media Arts and Communication Studies
    • Madeleine Sendek '17, double major in Communication Studies and Public Health Sciences and minor in Management.