• Four-Year Graduation Assurance

    First-year students at Hamline University may enter into a partnership with the institution to ensure completion of their bachelor’s degree within four years. The student and the university share the responsibility for the success of this endeavor. Should Hamline fail to meet its responsibilities and provided the student fulfilled her/his responsibilities, the university will provide the additional course or courses needed to complete the degree in the following academic year--at no additional tuition cost.*

    A college education requires significant individual responsibility on the part of students. Hamline has in place a proven system of support to facilitate student choice and aid in the attainment of student intellectual development and educational goals. The Hamline Plan, faculty advisors, and student services help students develop and find success in a four year-time frame. The Four-Year Assurance of Graduation is not open to transfer students.

    Student Responsibilities

    • Each year students successfully complete 32 semester credits.
    • Students must satisfactorily earn at least a 2.00 GPA each term (passing all major courses with grades of C- or better).
    • Students must consult with faculty advisors on a regular basis to ensure the timely completion of requirements.
    • Students must declare a degree major by the end of the sophomore year** and work in a timely fashion to complete Bulletin stated requirements.
    • Students must submit an online graduation application by the end of their junior year with the Registration and Records office.
    • Students must register for classes at the times scheduled by the Registration and Records office.

    Hamline Responsibilities

    • Hamline will provide course offerings necessary for a student’s fulfillment of the Hamline Plan.
    • Hamline will provide faculty advising and advising support for degree programs.***
    • Hamline will provide tuition-free coursework in the fifth academic year if the university fails to meet the above obligations.

    * Fees and Room and Board are not included.

    ** Although many Hamline students declare double majors and finish within four years, Hamline cannot assure that a student will complete more than one major in four years. This assurance does not require Hamline to provide additional coursework beyond the fourth year to complete a double major.

    *** The four-year assurance policy does not extend to special programs such as education certification, Early Admission Law, 3-2 program in engineering, or any other licensure or certificate program.