• Policies Related to Sexual Misconduct

    Consistent with our mission and values, Hamline University is committed to developing and educating the whole person and to investing in the personal and professional growth of all community members. We also seek to maintain a safe and nurturing learning and working environment. Sexual misconduct of any form is a violation of a person’s rights, dignity, and integrity and will not be tolerated at Hamline University.

    The following policies thus seek to prevent sexual misconduct including sexual harassment and discrimination; to support all students, faculty, and staff who have experienced such conduct; and to promptly and fairly respond to any allegations that any student, faculty, staff, or visitor has engaged in such conduct. In addition, retaliation by any student, faculty, or staff for the good faith bringing of a complaint or participating in any investigation or proceeding under this policy will not be tolerated and will be independent grounds for remedial action.

    Discrimination and Harassment Policy
    Hamline University will not tolerate discrimination, harassment, or retaliation based on race; color; religion; creed; sex; sexual orientation; gender expression; gender identity; national origin; marital status; familial status; status with regard to public assistance; membership or activity in a local commission; disability; age; or protected veteran status in its employment or educational opportunities.

    Sexual Misconduct: Policy Prohibiting Sexual Misconduct
    Hamline University does not tolerate sexual misconduct, including sexual assault, relationship violence, and stalking, and any related retaliation. Hamline University’s statement of policy prohibiting sexual misconduct and outlining resources to prevent and address instances of sexual misconduct is described below.

    Harassment and Sexual Misconduct: Procedures for Addressing Complaints Against Students
     This policy lists procedures for addressing harassment and/or sexual misconduct complaints against students. The sexual misconduct, discrimination, and harassment policies for the University are found under University Wide Policies.

    Contact Our Staff for More Information

    For complete information on the University's policy and procedure, contact Patti Klein, Dean of Students/Title IX Coordinator at 651-523-2421.