• Payment Plans

    Semester Plan

    Students who do not choose to sign up for a payment plan will be on the semester plan. On this plan, students will pay for their tuition and fees for the semester by the due date. Students will automatically be on the semester plan unless they sign up for the installment plan.


    Installment Plan

    The installment plan allows students to split their tuition into more manageable monthly installments over the course of the semester. To sign up for the installment plan, please log into your Piperline account and go to "Student Account Services." Select "Cashnet Payment Portal" and then the "Payment Plans" tab to start the process. The budget amount will auto-fill with your current account balance. To change this, simply type over the amount. 

    The fall payment plan begins in August and the spring plan begins in January. Payments will be due on the 15th of every month. If you sign up after the due date in August, the plan will automatically adjust to a 4-month plan with the first payment due in September. If you miss the September due date, the plan will automatically adjust to a 3-month plan. This same rule applies to the spring plan beginning in January.

    *Please refer to your bills for the most accurate student account balance. If payments are more than 15 days late, a late fee will be charged. Payment plans should be set up for the correct amount to avoid interest charges.

  • news

    Photo of a woman reading to elementary school-age children

    Through the Hamline School of Education and Leadership, current and future teachers can specialize with an initial teaching license as an academic behavioral strategist or focusing on autism spectrum disorder.


    Alumna Raie Gessesse ’20 has been awarded a Paul & Daisy Soros Fellowship for New Americans. Chosen from a pool of 2,445 applicants, Gessesse is one of 30 outstanding individuals selected for their potential to make significant contributions to the United States.


    This summer, the Wesley Center and Hamline Church will be collaborating on hosting two part-time paid student internships for the SPROUT community garden starting mid-May through the end of September.