• Quick Reference Guide

    Quick Reference Guide to Facilities Services

    Read our quick reference guide below to learn more about the services we provide, services others provide, and a listing of our policies and procedures.

    Services We Provide


    Temperature control throughout the university is operated and maintained by the Heating Plant Division of Facilities Services. Building occupants should not attempt any repairs to malfunctioning equipment. Problems concerning the heating and air conditioning systems, window air conditioning units, or other service requirements should be directed to the Facilities Services Desk at ext. 2225. For building temperature problems after hours, please call Public Safety at ext. 2100.


    Some maintenance and repair projects and most major renovations or new construction are accomplished through contracts with outside vendors. These contracts are administered by the AVP of Facilities Services. Only authorized Facilities Services personnel may direct the work of contractors. Questions, comments, or concerns about the work of contractors at Hamline should be directed to the Facilities Services Desk at ext. 2225.


    Routine cleaning of Hamline facilities is accomplished by our contracted housekeeping service, Marsden Services. Cleaning is performed twenty-four hours per day, Monday through Friday. A limited housekeeping staff is available to provide services on weekends. If emergency cleaning is required during office hours, call the Facilities Service Desk at ext. 2225. After hours, please report custodial needs to Public Safety at ext. 2100. Any problems or questions involving cleaning may be directed to the Director of Custodial Services ext. 2038.


    Elevator questions or concerns involving campus elevators should be reported to the Public Safety at ext. 2100.


    Facilities Services maintains all the Hamline doors and locks as part of building maintenance. To request a lock change, contact Public Safety at ext. 2100 for a key request form. The Director of Public Safety must approve all lock changes. Lock changes, unless performed as a routine maintenance project, are performed at the expense of the requesting department.


    Facilities Services provide on-site moving of university owned furnishings on a limited basis and as able due to staffing requirements. Large moves, off-site moves, moves of items requiring special handling and/or difficult moves will be contracted to an outside moving company at the expense of the requesting department. Please call the Facilities Services Desk at ext. 2225 for more information concerning our moving services.


    Facilities Services will make or provide nameplate and signs for interior identification of offices, desks, and other areas in buildings. Nameplates and signs for these purposes are made at the expense of the requesting department. Facilities Services contracts this service to an outside vendor so extra time should be allowed for processing of these orders.


    Painting of buildings and facilities is performed on the basis of a schedule and/or the results of routine inspections. These projects are also dependent on time restraints and the availability of funds. Requests for painting outside of scheduled projects are treated as reimbursable services.


    Facilities Services provides pest control for Hamline facilities by contracted services. If pests are noticed in buildings, please call the Facilities Services Desk at ext. 2225 so that we may schedule the appropriate service to the problem area.


    Recycling services are provided in all university buildings. Our custodial division is responsible for emptying and maintaining all recycling containers. If there is a recycling container in a building that needs emptying or maintenance, please call the Facilities Services Desk at ext. 2225.


    Facilities Services grounds keeping provides snow and ice control for sidewalks, parking lots, and Hamline-owned roads. Any problems or questions concerning snow and ice control may be directed to the Director of Facilities Operation at ext. 2870. All members of the university community are responsible for removing their vehicles from the parking lots and from public roads around the university during snow emergencies. Please see the snow emergency page (within Public Safety Website) for more information.

    Services Others Provide

    • Media Services handles TV and VCR/DVD/Blu-Ray issues.
    • Residential Life handles washer/dryer issues.
    • ITS handles computer and internet issues.

    Policies and Procedures


    Access to locked areas may be requested by calling Public Safety at ext. 2100. Facilities Services personnel are instructed not to unlock doors for anyone without prior permission from appropriate authority.


    The Facilities Services hours are from 7 a.m. - 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday call ext. 2225. Calls during non-office hours for emergency services should be directed to Public Safety at ext. 2100.


    Facilities Services is budgeted for the operation and routine maintenance/repair of the facilities and properties of the university. Services requested beyond this scope are performed as Facilities Services is able (timing, staff availability, etc.) and at the expense of the requesting department.

    Examples of Facilities funded services:

    • Maintenance and repair of building structures, roofs, walls, windows, doors, and flooring.
    • Maintenance and repair of permanently installed utilities, distribution and mechanical systems including heating, ventilation, air conditioning, electrical, and plumbing systems.
    • Maintenance and repair of university sidewalks, parking lots and roadways.
    • Maintenance and repair of basic classroom furnishing, such as window coverings, chairs, tables, standard lecterns, and blackboards/whiteboards.
    • Painting of interior and exterior surfaces on a scheduled basis.
    • Routine custodial services.
    • Routine grounds keeping and landscaping maintenance (including general maintenance of the athletic fields).

    Examples of services requiring funding from the requesting department:

    • Installation and maintenance of department-owned equipment.
    • Painting or decorating beyond the level provided under scheduled maintenance.
    • Fabrication of furniture, cabinets, shelves, signs, and other miscellaneous items.
    • Renovations, alterations or improvements to the facilities.
    • Custodial services beyond normal, scheduled cleaning (e.g. event coverage requiring the use of overtime labor).
    • All services to the university auxiliary enterprises.
    • Services for other activities supported by sources other than the university's general fund budget.


    Your good judgment is essential in assisting us to determine if an emergency situation exists. Any disaster, unusual occurrences, utility malfunction, or equipment failure that presents imminent danger to life, limb, or property is an emergency and should be reported immediately by telephone to the Facilities Service Desk at ext. 2225. After hours please report emergency conditions to Public Safety at ext. 2100.


    All excavations, digging, and other below grounds installations (e.g. driving posts into the ground) require approval and coordination by Facilities Services. Prior to any work Facilities Services will supervise the locating of all utilities, tunnels, and other equipment. Please call the Facilities Service Desk at ext. x2225 with any questions regarding digging or excavations.


    No one is allowed on, nor allowed to place any objects or equipment on the roof of any campus building without written, prior approval by the Director of Facilities Services.


    Facilities Services has very limited storage space available. We are unable to provide storage for individual departmental use. If you have a storage need please call the Facilities Services Desk at ext. 2225 for guidance.


    Facilities Services does not install or maintain telephones or the telecommunications system for the university. Any problems or questions involving telephones should be directed to the Central Service Desk at ext. 2991.

    Service Request Procedure

    Service requests are normally completed within 10 working days. Please note there may be times when we are unable to complete a service request due to times of year when we are especially busy. We do make every effort to keep you informed if we are unable to complete a service request if there is a need to order a part.