• Diversity Initiatives

    Our vision for Hamline University, a diverse community of learners with students at the center that transforms lives, combined with our diversity policy, requires a comprehensive and integrated approach across all of our schools, programs, and administrative units. Our vision embraces a safe, welcoming, and inclusive environment for all -- students, faculty, and staff.

    This initiative approaches the integration of diversity values across five major focus areas:

    • Student learning inside the classroom (faculty development & academic affairs)

    • Students outside the classroom (student affairs)

    • Faculty recruitment and retention

    • Staff recruitment, development, and retention

    • External relations and partnerships

    Diversity work is among the most important things that we can do at Hamline. Our future success depends on our diversity. Organizations and universities who do not find a way to bring their communities together will simply not succeed.

    Guiding Commitments

    • Access

    • Representation

    • Participation

    • Decision making


    Women's Resource Center is looking for a new faculty director starting Summer 2018.

    Many thanks to Kathy Burleson, for her leadership and service to the Women’s Resource Center (WRC), as her term comes to a close as the Faculty Director at the end of this academic year.

    The Hamline University WRC seeks a Faculty Director to coordinate and lead activities and programs to address gender equity, holistic health, and to support the education and development of all students with particular attention to the needs of women. 

    An outline of responsibilities and requirements associated with the position are described here. We request that applications (cover letter and CV) be emailed to diversity@hamline.edu no later than Friday, April 6, 2018. We hope to interview candidates during late April, and name our new Faculty Director by May 10th. Faculty, staff, and students will review the completed applications and interview eligible candidates. 

    If you have questions regarding the WRC Faculty Director position, please feel free to contact t. aaron hans


  • news

    Jorden Lein and Mary Lein at Klas

    Jordan Lein BBA ‘18 and his mother, Mary Lein MPA ‘18, both received diplomas from the Hamline School of Business during Commencement 2018. Jordan majored in business analytics and finance, which inspired Mary to get her Master’s of Public Administration. The Lein family’s relationship with Hamline began in 2013 when Jordan participated in the AA Minnesota State High School League Track and Field Championship. The meet has been held annually for the last thirteen years at Klas Field and is happening again this Friday and Saturday.

    A student reading a book outside

    With every sunny day of summer, the urge to sit in a park with a good book grows stronger. As you browse on a tablet or wander through a bookstore, consider picking up a book written by a student, alumnus, or faculty member from the Creative Writing Programs at Hamline.

    Jen England typing at a computer

    The Hamline University Women’s Resource Center (WRC) is thrilled to announce its newest faculty director, Jen England, an assistant professor in the English Department. The search committee was impressed with her commitment to the mission of the WRC, vision for its future, and passion for engaging students in its current and future work.