• Can you help identify these photos?

    Many photographs in Hamline’s archives have no identifying information, which greatly reduces their usefulness in documenting the university’s history. So, we’re asking for your help. If you can provide information about any of these photographs, please contact the archives at 651-523-2080 or archives@hamline.edu.

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     unidentified RA staff 1987 A        unidentified students looking at  LP album B  

    Residential Life staff in 1987        

     unidentified students Day of Fast, 1968 C         unidentified group of men D  

    Day of Fast, 1968        

     unidentified woman with mug E         unidentified women and child F  

     unidentified man wearing a tie G         unidentified woman at podium H  

     unidentified man with pointer I        unidentified  group in front of painting J  

     unidentified cityscape K          unidentified female student L